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  • The Records Guru® contributes to ARMA International's new publication Implementing Electronic Messaging Policies technical report (March 2018)
  • The Records Guru®, as a member of the Industry Expert Taskforce, contributes to  ARMA International's new publication The Information Governance Body of Knowledge published March 2018.
  •  The Records Guru® contributes to ARMA International's new publication “Implementing the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles” (September 2017).
  • The Records Guru® is announced as a contributor to Iron Mountain's new Information Governance resource (June 2017)
  • The Records Guru® is named to the Top Influencers and Brands for Big Data in 2016 by Onalytica (February 2016)
  • The Records Guru® is featured along with other thought leaders in Defining Information Governance: An Exploration with Industry Experts by (April 2015)
  • The Records Guru® is featured as one of thirteen thought leaders in The Authoritative Guide to Information Governance by RSD (October 2014).
  • FileTrail ARMA 2014 Pre-Convention interview (October 2014)
  • Kodak Alaris InformationDynamx Blog interview; "Robin Woolen: the past, present and future of information governance" (November 2014)
  • RSD Influencer’s Corner: Q&A with Robin Woolen, The Records Guru® (December 2014)

The Records Guru® Big Data Twitter Response

This is a response to a question I had on Twitter about keeping Big Data from drawing the wrong conclusions.